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The Grand Vision

by KR Tejeda

Clifford and I both agree that the Internet is on the verge of breaking down, if it hasn't already begun. It appears that we are not alone.

We have grown weary of the goings on in the name of “Faceboogle”, “MS WordPress”, “AppChat”, or what-have you.

The grand vision is to have this information be completely independent of the Internet as a whole. Given that it's grown and developed entirely as an online project for the past ~20 years, that's no easy task. More of a long term goal if you will…

In the mean time, there are alternatives to the mainstream PRISM-infested Internet. Stay tuned to this page for updates on future developments in this area.

The bottom line is that the information presented by Carnicom Institute is important to the health and future of this planet and all living beings upon it. We cannot risk being censored or side railed by the so-called “fake news” deception that many of the organizations you depend on for your information are taking part in. Do not let anyone tell you what is fake and what is real. That is for you to decide, and you alone. Everyone should have equal access to all truthful and honest information, regardless of political agenda or corporate spin. Let freedom ring.

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