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A quick guide to hosting the static site archive

Many people have expressed interest in hosting the static site archive, but have no technical knowledge of how to achieve that. This is a tutorial to get someone up and running on basic site hosting. We will be using a free hosting service.

Step 1: Registration

Choose a free hosting provider. If you already have a hosting provider that you use and trust, you can skip this step. There are many, but on writing this article, we were able to narrow down the list to a few contenders. For this article, we will be using the services of

Click on the Create My Account button…

On the next page, choose a domain from the list, and type in your own personal subdomain….

After clicking on the Continue button, you will be asked for your email address on the next page, followed by another page asking for a password….

Finish the registration by agreeing to the Terms of Service. If you get an error message as seen here, you can safely ignore it as long as you received an activation email.

Check your email. As long as you have a message that looks like this, you can ignore any future error messages from the submission form.

Now you can go back to the main login screen and use the account info you just provided. Since this is your first time logging in, the system will ask for a username to call you by.

The system will now send you an activation link to your email. If it doesn't come automatically, you can have it resent from this page. When the message arrives, click on the link to activate your account.

The system will send you an email letting you know when your new account is ready.

By default, x10hosting uses a very simple user interface. We will be switching to a standard cPanel interface. To do so, click on Switch Theme in the upper right hand corner. Change this to the cPanel x3. You may have to log back in afterwards.

Now you are ready to upload the content.

Step 2: Upload

After logging in, you should be able to proceed to your cPanel interface now.

Click on the File Manager and navigate to your public_html or www directory.

Click the Upload button on the menu bar.

Navigate to the archive that you've already downloaded.

Wait for the upload to finish. The required time will depend heavily on your 'net connection.

Step 3: Extract

Go back to your public_html directory and right-click on the archive file you just uploaded, and select Extract.

Extract the archive to the directory it is already in. You can just hit Extract File(s) here, no changes needed.

Step 4: Check

It should be a live site now, check your URL to verify that the static archive is now visible.

You can now send out your links to any interested parties, including us here at CI, so that we can include your static archive on our list of mirrors.

However, in this case, I ran out of disk space during the extraction, so not all of the photos are available. We might have to resort to FTP uploading of the individual files. I hope that is not the case….

… and then I read the fine print:

“On our free hosting service, disk space is initially limited at either 512MB or 1024MB. Users may request for unmetered disk space once they have used over 50% of their current disk space limit, and have had an account for over 7 days.”

Now use an FTP client to upload. Here's a list of tutorials (the 'net is FULL of them).

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