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The Carnicom Institute Legacy Project and the site have been created to preserve, protect, and distribute the extensive body of work and ongoing research conducted by this same organization. Our goal is to distribute the body of work represented by Carnicom Institute at an international level in a manner that is as compatible, secure, and reliable as possible. The success of this project depends directly upon you. It is your act of distribution of this information directly to your peers that marks the success of our efforts to ensure the legacy of this work. We ask you to help us freely distribute this information on behalf of Carnicom Institute, and to give us your feedback on your success.

Site Mirroring

Carnicom Institute calls and encourages YOU to freely mirror this information on various sites and servers across the world. Simply upload the contents of the zip file below into any online directory for an instant site mirror.

Please tell us about your success in mirroring our site, and we will list you as an official mirror. We will notify you when you have been added to the list below.

Start Here

  1. Download the Offline Archive ← excellent for distribution and re-hosting
  2. Download the Audio files
  3. Download the Video Files
  4. Download torrent files (for peer-to-peer file sharing)

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You can also take a peek at the overall vision for this project.

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